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About AGDC

Hi, I’m Alex and my role is to help find the solution to your problem. As a digital consultant I help businesses and individuals achieve their goals online. Whether you are looking to start an online business, increase your profile or create an application to make your company and more effective, I can apply my 8 years of knowledge and experience in the digital space to solving your problem. Whether you require someone to advise and inform or someone to manage and deliver the whole project, I can help by providing a great service with affordable solutions that will add value to your business. The government's R&D Tax credit means now is as good a time as any to invest in solutions for your business.

How I help

Free initial consultation to discuss your needs and identify the best way forward. I take pride in being able to help find soltuions, below are my core areas of expertise:

  • Websites
  • from £400
  • Applications
  • from £2500
  • Content Creation
  • from £50
  • Consultations
  • £50ph

Adding value to a project isn't just about making sure key dates are met on a budget, it is also about finding ways to improve them to provide growth for the future.


Working with clients from a variety of different industries has provided me with a great scope of knowledge, creatively and intellectually. Providing cost effective and reliable solutions allows me to genuinely add value. Here are some examples of my work.

Web Design

From advising clients on content and layout formats to offering innovative concepts which exceed their expectations. I obtain the best practices and ideas for building websites, ranging from e-commerce to landing pages. My business and consulting ethic is applied to each project I am working on, this helps to achieve the best possible results for my clients.

Web Applications

Sometimes, the scale of the problem is a little bigger than what was originally thought. This is where it is important to have the correct tools in place to help your business operate effectively or support bringing your idea successfully to the market. I work with you to develop web applications that are innovative without breaking the bank. The Valuation Tracker is a unique tool we built for the construction industry to solve a problem that had no other solution. This application is not limited to construction and is available to a wide range of industries.

Creative Content

Marketing is a key aspect of any business or project. Creating the right marketing materials can be difficult and time consuming. I offer conceptual ideas to help highlight the voice and USP of a campaign, I can create initial brief summaries to bring the content to life.


Don't quit, consult! Let's talk through the issues you are facing, after the first free fact finding consultation I will begin working with you to provide digital solutions. Whether it's related to web design, social media campaigns, app development or anything else in the digital space, I am here to help.

Get in touch

I'm here to talk please feel free to get in touch via, email or by telephone for an informal chat.