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About Us

+44 07584 598 767
Mon - Fri : 09:00 - 18:00

Create Solutions

No one likes problems but some people love problem solving.
We support your business with a focus on digital marketing and digital products.
Customize your business

Digital Products

We help entrepreneurs to turn app ideas into a reality and businesses create custom web applications, that improve procedures to meet their specific needs.

Marketing soultions

Digital Marketing

Clients invest in our digital marketing strategies because we create campaigns that are aimed at adding value.

Advice and support

Digital Consultancy

Whether the problem is big or small, sometimes all you need is some advice. Contact us today for a free consultation, and if we can help solve any problem we will.

Case Study

Content Creation

Budget Mastermind were struggling to create attractive content for their social media channels that fit their brand and communicated their message. We analyzed their needs and created artwork for paid ads and promotional material that inceased their brand awareness and online presence.

Case Study

Web Application

T&B were using a system to manage projects and track cashflow that was cumbersome and flawed. They approached us after struggling to find the solution they needed from other companies. We not only created a web application that solved the fundamental problems they were facing, we included uprgrades and improved efficiency while staying within their budget.

Case Study


Gigglemug Cakes were launching their businesses and struggling to find the right digital platforms for them. We studied their target audience and their business strenghts, to create a social media strategy that they could implement with ease. They now achieve 80% of their business through their Facebook page, using the strategy we implemented.

The Team

AG Digital and partners,
the team behind the innovation and creativity
Ben Hawthorne
Founder - MEON Media
Social Media Marketeer
Alex Grant
Director - AG Digital
Digital Strategy
Jake Lavrenko
CEO - The Dot Seven
IT Professional