Herohelper is a customisable chatbot that allows some of the most vulnerable in society to have access to the resources they need in a safe and secure way. The Herohelper chatbot processes SMS requests directly from those in need and sends them to the app where charities can allocate staff and resources to help.


Users don't have to be tech literate or connected to the internet to use the service. All that’s needed is an SMS enabled mobile phone


Herohelper is a text based serivce, font sizes will match user's current phone settings, helping the visually impared

Unique Number

Each organisation is allocated a unique telephone number so those in need can contact them directly

Easy Access

Herohelper allows the most vulnerable quick and easy access to non-emergency support


Our team is available to support organisations to provide the best possible service to their end-users


Herohelper is an open source platform so you can bring your own technical expertise if you want


Herohelper is an inclusive solution to provide easy access to the supplies and services to those who need it most


  • To get the app and implement the SMS chatbot for your community members, get in touch.
  • hello@herohelper.co.uk